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This finance quite often falls into one of the following brackets if we are looking at straightforward finance:

Renovation & nothing materially structural in change

75% LTV, interest serviced monthly, max 18 months – realistically bridging finance to
renovate and sell/move to high street mortgage

Full Development

We can fund up to 80% of plot purchase and then up to 100% of costs, only where LTGDV does not exceed 80%. Interest would be serviced monthly over a 12 – 18mth term, but sometimes can be rolled up to the end. There must be an end plan, either mortgage through a High Street bank or to sell properties and repay loan.

Generally, planning would be in place (pre sales not essential) and we would only look to provide funding to experienced developers. The 100% funding as per the above terms should be very attractive and our completion timeframe is as standard under a month (including valuation and legals), so speed in delivery is very good.

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